Building a Strong Family

Last Update: 8 November, 2023

Created: 2 June, 2018

Building a Strong Family

The family is God’s first established institution Gen. 1:27-28 and Gen. 2:24-25. It is made up of a male father, and a female mother who are joined in marriage to raise children in a safe and Godly environment. The family institution is under attack; both from the devil and the society and Christian’s families are not immune from this onslaught. As an institution, the family needs to be strong and healthy both physically and spiritually to withstand whatever the devil and the society throw at it.

Therefore, there are specific Christian values that when in place will make family strong and healthy.

1.    God- God must be the foundation on which the home is built for a family to be strong and healthy. The parents must be God fearing, and put God First. They should be intentional in teaching and transferring Godly values to their kids. The word of God must be read together obeyed and be the family final reference authority (Deut.6:4-9). Also, the family must pray to God. It is said that a family that prays together stay together.

2.    Committed to a church- The family will be strong when both parents and the kids attend and are committed members of the same church.  Committed in the sense that they are not just church goers but are serving God in one capacity or the other. This will allow the family to share the same spiritual beliefs, fellowship with other believers and let the kids know the joy and the importance of serving God. Joshua emphasized this when he said “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord (Jos. 24:15b)

3.    Love- God’s unconditional love must operate in our families. God love us so much that He gave his only son Jesus Christ Jn.3:16. Christ loves us unconditionally. As a family we must love one another unconditionally, by living in unity, in forgiveness, in acceptance and be committed to one another. Parent out of love must create time for each other and their kids. Where there is love there is God.

4.    Discipline – The family must be disciplined in performing their respective duties. Where there is no discipline there is weakness and laxity. Husband and wife must be up at doing in playing their roles. They must provide leadership in lifestyles oversight for themselves and their kids. Couples should not fall into Ananias and Saphira error (Act. 5:1-11). The family must be disciplined on the kind of relationship they keep, how the family finance is managed, etc. The children must be disciplined in doing house chores, in honoring their parents and being a responsible citizen. Like the Rechabites (Jer. 35: 5-8) who obeyed their parents, when they are old they will continue to uphold these values. When they are wrong they are to be corrected and not left to themselves.

5.    Giving- Giving is a very important value in building a strong and healthy family. Giving is living and givers don’t lack (Lk, 6:38). A Christian family will be strong when it is generous to God and man. Parents mentor their kids when the kids see them giving their tithes and offering to God and when they grow up and they too are able to do the same and pass this down to their children.

6.    Visionary- The family must be interested in the spiritual and physical well-being of its members. Therefore family must intentionally ask and know the vision, goals, and aspiration of each member of the family. No member of the family should be left behind, but everyone must be supported and encouraged to progress and excel in life so that no one becomes a liability in the family.

As we celebrate the family institution this month, may the blessing of God come upon our homes and make them strong and healthy in Jesus name. Pastor Tope Dosumu.